Nutricia – Life Transforming Nutrition

Building on more than a century of nutritional research and innovation, Nutricia continues to transform lives through the power of nutrition, including those suffering from dysphagia. Nutricia supports those caring and catering for dysphagic patients with Nutilis Clear, a food and fluid thickening powder designed to maintain the original appearance of clear drinks and liquids. Available in an IDDSI labelled, 175g re-sealable tin, Nutilis Clear is suitable for dysphagic patients who are lactose intolerant, on a lactose-free diet, vegetarian, and vegan. For more information and to find recipes for dysphagic patients visit
Nutricia is also a proud supporter of The Chefs’ Council, a unique partnership of experts working to make food safe, nutritious and pleasurable for people who have been diagnosed with dysphagia. As their pledge to support the work of the The Chefs’ Council and The Dysphagia Act, Nutricia runs chef training days that offer guidance to those catering for dysphagic patients on providing safe, nutritious and pleasurable meals and drinks.

For more information on the Chefs’ Council and The Dysphagia Act visit