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NHS England Mandate Refresh Announced

The Department of Health has this week published the NHS Mandate for England for 2014-15.

Due to come into effect from 1 April 2014, the refreshed mandate aims to meet the needs of an ageing population and the increasing prevalence of long-term physical and mental health conditions.

Following the public consultation which ran from 5 July to 27 September, the Government has furthered its ambitions to include improving support for those with dementia, recognising the need to deliver better quality care and treatment.

Alongside the mandates ambition to increase the diagnosis of those with dementia to two-thirds, the statement also recognises Alzheimer’s Society’s request to combine this with appropriate post-diagnosis support.

George McNamara Head of Policy & Public Affairs Alzheimer’s Society commented:

‘The UK is facing the biggest challenge yet in tackling dementia and it’s encouraging that the mandate recognises dementia as a national priority.

‘It’s great that diagnosing dementia is now hard-wired into the NHS and that there is an aim to provide appropriate post diagnosis support.  It’s crucial that plans are turned into action if this combined approach is to help those with dementia and their carers live well in the community for longer.’


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