Newark Fundraiser Takes On Huge Fundraising Challenge ‘BABERT’ For Alzheimer’s Society

BabertSam Thompson, 19, from Newark is set to embark on a huge fundraising challenge for Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research UK. Sam aims to raise an enormous £100,000 between the two charities.

The appeal is called ‘BABERT’ and if you are interested to know more you can find out at

The biggest part of this year’s ‘BABERT’ Appeal is a 30 day road trip across Europe, passing through 30 countries and completing various driving challenges along the way in a classic Volkswagen Beetle.

Sam said of the challenge:

‘My Gran has Alzheimer’s and my Grandfather has just completed a course of treatment for cancer. This then spurred me on to try and do something to help people in a similar situation to my grandparents so I began to research doing the ‘BABERT’ trip to raise money for these two charities that are very important to me for obvious reasons. I did a lot of thinking about how and what I could add to the adventure to get people more interested in donating and supporting with this expedition. I am working closely with the representatives of both charities to ensure that this venture is an official fund-raising effort. Before, during and after the road trip there will be a series of challenges which are all detailed on the website. The rationale behind this is that if somebody has Cancer or Alzheimer’s, that person’s life turns into a series of challenges/milestones. The same principles apply to me. Therefore from now on and during the trip, I have to face a series of challenges in order to complete this trip around Europe. To give you an idea about what the challenges are, we have 60 days from the second the first bolt is taken off Bertie (my Beetle) to strip him down, spray him and then put him back together again. That’s a full restore on a car that has seen better days…..and it has to be completed in a time span that is difficult for a group of people that all work full time! But without a doubt, the most important challenge is to try and raise the target of £100,000 (which will be split between the 2 charities).’

Sam will also be holding a number of events to support ‘BABERT’, such as ‘Spalfest’, a music festival near Newark.

For more information, or to donate to Sam’s challenge please visit:

If Sam has inspired you to take on a challenge of your own then take a look at the many different ways you can support Alzheimer’s Society.








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