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New RoSPA Qualifications-Certified Dementia Course Launches

As dementia rates rise, the importance of upskilling those working in the care sector on the condition has never been greater. That’s why leading qualifications provider, RoSPA Qualifications, has teamed up with EDGE Services, a specialist people handling training provider, to develop an innovative new qualification to help care workers understand the debilitating condition.

The Dementia Care Key Trainer’s Certificate, that runs as a two-day course, provides delegates with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to train others in dementia awareness, including how to spot symptoms, challenges it can present and how to work effectively. Upon completion of the course, delegates receive a certificate of achievement which is valid for two years.

By the end of the course, professionals will have learnt:

• What is meant by the term dementia
• The different types of dementia and potential their causes
• The risk factors, signs and symptoms of dementia
• The current and projected statistics about the incidence of dementia including on the individual and those living with or caring for them
• The main challenges facing those working with dementia
• Effective strategies to assist staff working with people with dementia to reduce the impact of the challenges faced and how to improve quality of life
• The importance of record-keeping and documentation
• A knowledge of the legal issues involved in working effectively with people with dementia.

RoSPA Qualifications is an awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) that designs, develops, and certifies a range of vocationally related qualifications. EDGE Services is already a recognised RoSPA Qualification Centre, which enables it to deliver a suite of customised awards.

Debbie Clueit, RoSPA Qualifications’ External Verifier, said:
“We were delighted that RoSPA Qualifications was able to help develop EDGE Services’ Dementia Care Key Trainer’s Certificate – a highly important course for anyone working with adults with dementia.

“As an intensive two-day course, it covers a wide range of important topics, from spotting the signs of dementia through to dealing with challenging behaviour and beyond. Those who complete the course achieve a RoSPA Qualifications-approved certificate that is valid for two years.

“We worked with EDGE Services to ensure the course was accessible and that it met the Level 4 Ofqual descriptors, along with developing the learning outcomes, content and assessment process.”

Ruth Hewitt, Operations Manager at EDGE Services, said:
“The course is aimed at those whose staff may work with adults who live with dementia – both in the health care sector and beyond. It provides delegates with the expertise to train others in awareness of dementia that can be adopted to deal with symptoms, challenges and how to work effectively.”

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