New Bed Design Service from Care Bed and Mattress Experts

Opera Care’s new Bed Design Service allows care homes to ensure their bedrooms stand out from the crowd.

Care home residents generally spend longer in their beds than the rest of society, so it’s fair to assume that when deciding where to live, the bed plays a massive role in the decision. This means when it comes to attracting new residents to your care home or facility, there’s arguably no more effective way than with an impressive bed.

Opera Care’s Bed Design Service enables care homes to provide beds that meet their care requirements as well as being aesthetically pleasing for the user. The service gives care homes the ability to create their care beds in a style that compliments their interior designs and helps create a positive living environment.

Contract Sales Director, Russell Lant, said,

“Making your care facility stand out from the crowd is a challenge that all care home managers face. The balance between care provision, style and cost is crucial to the success of your business.

Our Bed Design Service helps to ensure your bedrooms appeal to residents and their loved ones at a cost-effective price point, without compromising on your ability to provide care.”

Contact Opera Care to arrange a project consultation, considering care delivery, operational and nursing considerations, budgets, timescales and design requirements.

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