Monika Primed to Make Care Management Simple

In a care or medical setting, staff have to juggle caring for residents and patients with proper hygiene checks, medication management, and ensuring up to date records.

With over 30 years’ experience, Monika is the expert in connecting teams and equipment. Their flagship service, MonikaPrime, is a complete safety, hygiene, and compliance management system which eliminates the need for manual paperwork.

Monika’s innovative temperature monitoring equipment simulates the temperature of the perishable goods and vaccines, as opposed to simply recording the temperature of the air in the cooling unit – providing greater accuracy for peace of mind. Regulations require certain substances to be stored at specific temperatures, such as insulin, antibiotic liquids, and eyedrops. Outside the required 2 – 8 degrees Celsius, these medications can lose integrity – making them ineffective and potentially harmful; so having reliable and accurate temperature monitoring equipment is essential.

Staff can be nominated to receive alerts if the product moves outside a pre-set safe temperature range, so medication can be relocated before it loses integrity, or be identified for destruction if it has become harmful. This can also help identify faulty equipment, preventing the need for expensive repairs. Alerts can be sent to any desktop, mobile, or Monika smart handheld PA device, all of which can access Monika’s cloud connected system offsite. This is ideal for managers overseeing multiple care homes, as it enables comparison between the location – helping identify potential staff training opportunities for maximum safety.

As well as ongoing temperature recording, Monika’s system can be programmed to send audio and visual hygiene task reminders to staff. These tasks are fully auditable, with the system recording who has done what, and when, reducing the risk of human error and miscommunication. Staff can therefore spend less time in administration, and more time caring for patients.

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