Memory Tracks

We all know that music has a unique access to the brain; lowering anxiety, confusion and agitation, and improving the prevailing mood. But ask yourself, when is anxiety and agitation at its most challenging? Naturally it is different for everyone, but most often those we care for feel most anxious when personal care is being provided, or when they are being hoisted, or moved, or during medical procedures. So, do we use music at these times, when it could really make a positive impact? The answer is very rarely, if at all.

Memory Tracks has been launched to change that, an app that takes advantage of the resilient link between songs and memories, and delivers a welcome interruption to those anxious moments through the power of the right song.

Memory Tracks uses what they call; Song-Task-Association to link memorable songs to care tasks and activities such as; washing, getting dressed, taking medication, or being taken to the toilet. There are dozens of options in the app, or you can create your own. Playing these memorable songs has been shown to improve recall and recognition, lower stress and agitation, and make care a simpler and happier activity.

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