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Mainteno Facilities Management Software

Envivo Group is at the forefront of care and support sector, driving innovation that enables people to live lives full of choices and opportunities. They have 202 locations that are now using Mainteno Facilities Management software.

“Our experience with Mainteno at TLC/Envivo Group has been really positive already. Since its roll-out it has shown real and measurable benefits and has had a marked impact on the workload and assurance of our operations team.

“We can now raise issues whether large or minor, almost the instant they are spotted. We can denote the priority with which they need to be tackled and track the progress of works to rectify them. It has reduced almost completely the need to be directly contacting people to resolve issues, which was an almost daily occurrence. It has been obvious that the streamlined approach that it provides helps in prioritising works for maintenance teams and contractors, gives them plenty of detailed information as to the exact issue and has given us an evidence base to show that issues are resolved in a consistent and effective timeframe.

“The details that are available once a job is logged are invaluable to us as managers to assure ourselves that issues are not forgotten. We can evidence to regulators etc that there are plans to rectify any outstanding works that they may pick up. I’ve been very impressed with the details that are passed back to me through the platform as works are ongoing and also when they are completed.

It’s proved to be a valuable reference to ensure that we are not doubling up requests, working through tasks in a logical way and also to confirm the completion of works remotely.

“For a site of our size and complexity especially, a toolkit with this level of effectivity and scope has been an incredible help.”

Group Facilities Manager