Maintaining Fire Safety with Safelincs

As the average age increases so do the number of people who have some form of mobility impairment. It is estimated that 4 million people use mobility aids in the UK. Residents in care and nursing homes are often provided with equipment to aid their mobility but is that all you have to do? What about other barriers that can prevent a resident walking independently around the care home?

Self-closing fire doors are essential in maintaining fire safety, creating a barrier against the spread of fire and they are a legal requirement after all, but what is the day to day impact on residents in care settings?

Heavy self-closing fire doors can become an issue for frail residents and those using mobility aids, as they struggle to open the fire door. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loss of independence and self-worth, which can contribute to poor mental health. Fire doors often close quickly once opened and may injure residents who have not been able to move fast enough before the door slams behind them. The closing action of fire doors is also often noisy, which can disturb sleep and relaxation for residents whose rooms are close by.

Fitting your fire doors with devices such as Dorgard fire door retainers or a Freedor SmartSound wireless door closer will allow you to hold open fire doors legally while maintaining your fire safety requirements. On ‘hearing’ your fire alarm the Dorgard and Freedor will automatically close the fire door, preventing the spread of fire. Fitting them to your existing fire doors could not be easier. Wireless and battery operated they can be fitted to existing fire doors in minutes.

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