Made For You Softer Foods For Dysphagia

Made For You Softer Foods is a softer foods range of frozen ready meals. We offer a wide range of dishes, that are beautifully shaped and made with quality ingredients to provide a nutritious and satisfying meal, suitable for people who experience chewing or swallowing difficulties known as dysphagia.

The Made For You range includes 80 dishes to choose from including chicken, beef, lamb, fish and vegetarian recipes. We also offer a tasty selection of lighter bites, desserts, and breakfast options as well as mini meals for those with smaller appetites. All our meals have been prepared in line with the IDDSI


• Delicious softer foods frozen ready meals
• 80 dishes to choose from
• IDDSI compliant
• Suitable for a Level 4 Puréed, Level 5 Minced & Moist, Level 6 Soft & Bite-Sized diet.
•  No contracts – secure online or telephone ordering process
•  Clear and easy to use cooking instructions on every sleeve

To find out more about Made For You and our softer foods range at

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