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Living with Incontinence and Dementia: 5 Tips for Caregivers (Dementia Action Week, 17-23 May 2021)

With Dementia Action Week on the horizon, Ontex Healthcare UK is providing top tips for those living with, or caring for, someone with dementia who are also suffering with incontinence.

Age is the most significant risk factor for dementia and there is expected to be a growing number of people with dementia as the population ages. This in turn will have an impact on the number of people with incontinence as a person with dementia is more likely to have an accident, problems using the toilet or incontinence than someone of the same age who doesn’t have dementia[1] if they are unable to follow these five steps.

The Five Continence Actions

To be continent you must be able to:

1.     Recognise the need to pass urine

2.     Identify the correct place to do so

3.     Reach the correct place

4.     Hold on until you get there

5.     Pass urine once you are there

Ontex has five top tips for anyone looking after someone who is struggling with both dementia and incontinence.

1.     Remember that some people may be resistant to receiving help for their incontinence issues as they feel embarrassed or too dependent.

2.     As a carer it’s also important to look after yourself as well as those you are looking after. Dealing with dementia and incontinence can be embarrassing and frustrating so it’s important to make sure you have some quality time planned to de-stress and look after your own wellbeing.

3.     It’s never been more important to be hygienic. Wear gloves when dealing with used hygiene products and thoroughly wash your hands afterwards. Make sure that you dispose of the hygiene products and gloves appropriately (in sanitary bins, never down the toilet).

4.     Humour can be a powerful tool for lightening a situation and creating trust between you and your loved one, it may also alleviate some of their embarrassment or resistance.

5.     It can be completely overwhelming when there is so much product choice, which is why iD is here to try and provide products for all levels of incontinence from light to severe.

Ontex has recently re-launched iD Expert Slip and iD Expert Form brands, designed to support for those with moderate to heavy levels of incontinence

The iD Expert Slip range has been designed for those who no longer feel they have control of their bladder and when urine leakage is heavy and cannot be controlled in any manner. These all-in-one products will help to manage moderate to heavy incontinence and have anti-leak cuffs and waist elastication to ensure a snug fit with a high level of absorption.

The iD Expert Form range has been designed for moderate to heavy urine leakage that cannot be controlled and is a pad style product that can be worn inside traditional underwear, or with our iD care fixation pants.

All the iD products feature an odour control system, 100% breathable cotton feel material and are dermatologically approved to help keep you and your skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

Ontex will donate £2 per pack of product sold from 17th May – 17th June to Alzheimer’s UK through id-direct and customers can place orders online or over the phone on 0800 389 6185.

For more information visit or call our helpful advisory team on 0800 389 61