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Lento Neuro – Elevating Neurological Patient Comfort and Care

Unmatched Comfort and Support
Lento Neuro is a therapeutic solution, engineered to meet the unique needs of patients with neurological conditions.

With its emphasis on supportive seating and ergonomic design, it the chair ‘hugs’ patients and provides a secure and calming “cocooned” feel when in the chair.
Widely Adjustable
We recognise that every patient is unique. That’s why Lento Neuro offers a wide adjustability that means this chair can be change in size as a patient’s condition progresses.

Find the ideal fit for a patient with:
• Removable armrests
• Adjustable seat depth and width
• Adjustable back angle and incremental recline.

Seamless Mobility and Safety
Mobility and safety are crucial in a healthcare environment, Lento Neuro features lockable wheels on the chair and footrest allowing you to easily adjust the chair’s position.

Pressure Care Materials Throughout
The Lento Neuro is designed with built in pressure care solutions that prioritise the health and safety of your patients.
We’ve incorporated Dartex, a leading pressure care material that allows moisture to pass through, into Lento Neuro’s skin contact surfaces. This provides additional support by preventing skin breakdown, crucial for patients with neurological conditions who may be at greater risk.
The breathable back cushions also allow air to pass through the chair and maintain patient comfort.

Whether it’s choosing from various postural cushion options or utilising the chair’s intuitive adjustable positions, you can personalise the seating experience to optimise patient comfort and well-being.

A Partnership for Progress
Vivid Care are not just a supplier; we’re your collaborative partner in delivering exceptional patient care. With this innovative chair,
you can elevate care standards and enrich the lives of patients facing neurological challenges.

Join us in shaping the future of neurological disease patient care.
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