Leecare Solutions – Health and Social Care Management Systems

At Leecare, we start each day with a purpose and a mission — to help our customers be the best they can be, so your residents can experience the best possible quality of life.

Leecare’s industry leading care software and EHR platform, Platium 5, improves care delivery, which makes you stronger.

Deliver the highest quality of care, improve your business performance, and simplify the complex processes related to regulatory compliance.

Be connected to your care network. Ensure that your team has the right information at the right time, and that the intelligence of the health record follows each resident.

“I highly recommend Leecare Solution as a one stop shop in as far as Health and Social Care Management systems go mainly because one can use any handheld, palm or desktop device seamlessly.

In my previous and current roles in Health and Social Care as a Regional Manager and Consultant respectively, I am familiar with and have used a fair number of Health and Social Care Management systems and currently support over 60 Health and Social Care service provision organisations across the UK also using different Health and Social Care Management systems, most of which are cloud based and good, but are however, in one way or another somehow limited in their robustness and interface capabilities.

Leecare Solution is one of the best Health and Social Care Management systems out there, which give you a single solution for all your clinical, medication, HR and Accounting management needs giving you an all encompassing single solution to be CQC and professionally compliant.

I unreservedly recommend Leecare Solutions..”
Gwin Masaka / Trend House, Dallow Rd, Luton

The decision to implement a senior care platform or switch from an existing system may feel like a daunting process. Let us put you at ease. As the definitive leader, we have the unparalleled expertise to help you make an informed choice without any unnecessary pressure.


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