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In these times of uncertainty with everyone facing ever increasing energy costs , do you really know how much it costs to operate your laundry dryers? Energy efficiency has advanced enormously of the past few years and our Lavamac LDR350 has a connect load of 26.4 kWh. 

Many older dryers are rated at a minimum of 36kwh.

Replacement of two of older machines can offer a hourly saving of a minimum of 20kwh which based of a 8 hour working day of 160kWh daily! 

Recently we supplied 3 x LDR490 24 kg dyers and replaced 3 x 37kg dyers and reduced the energy consumption from 210kwh to 90kwh! 

This was a extreme case but when the laundry door is shut are you really aware what your dryers are costing you to operate? 

Our LDR dryers can offer a return on investment that would make your head spin faster than on of our washers!

We can complete a free of charge energy survey. 

Can you afford not to investigate what your laundry is costing?

See the advert below for further information.

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