Knowledge Hub Created For Dementia Care

Theresa Swan 3Hubs to share knowledge and expertise in dementia care have been created at homes operated by the Springhill Care Group.

The Dementia Forums have been established at Springhill Care Home in Accrington and Riversway Nursing Home in Bristol, to allow the families and friends of residents who are cared for by the homes’ dementia services to come together and share their experiences.

The forums will also be used to bring together experts in dementia care and other fields – such as law and finances – who can share their knowledge.

Theresa Swan, general manager of Springhill Care Home, said: “We are committed to supporting not just our residents, but also their friends and families.

“We have found this particularly important when it comes to dementia care, as the journey our residents and their loved ones take can be particularly challenging.

“This forum is designed to be a welcoming and confidential setting for people to unburden themselves and share experiences of their dementia journey.

“There is so much that we can achieve through this forum, and we hope to invite people with specialist knowledge to join us on occasion, to offer advice on topics ranging from finances to powers of attorney.

“We have a host of specialist information under our roof and we’re committed to sharing our experiences to help raise the standard of care wherever possible.”














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