Know What You Are Asking From Contractors

After attending some recent Care Industry Conferences, it was interesting to hear how some of delegates are confident and have an understanding of the importance of Passive Fire Protection. However, many are still unsure of what is required and what they should be asking and expecting from a contractor.

We recently attended a care home; the owner had commissioned a very detailed Fire Compartmentation (Passive) report but in appointing a contractor they failed to ask vital questions. When we inspected the work, it was clear to see the work was poor quality, had been incorrectly installed and large areas of work had been left incomplete.

Unfortunately, the owner didn’t ask for a scope of works detailing what was going to be done and how. It should have asked how the work was going to be recorded so that they could demonstrate, if required, to local authorities or assessors at future assessments/surveys, that the work had been correctly installed. Also, they failed to check if the contractor was UKAS third party accredited.

Care must be taken when appointing a contractor to complete these specialised works. As a UKAS third party accredited company, we will always make sure we understand your requirements and that you understand the service we are going to provide. We catalogue every repair and installation, taking multiple images of each stage. The product details and how it was implemented/installed will also be recorded. When the works are completed, you will receive a detailed report of each and every item repaired, accompanied with a certificate of conformance.

UK Passive Fire Solutions work with you from start to finish.

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