Joerns Healthcare

The Up is a manual stand-aid and seated transfer device, designed to support safe and efficient patient transfers and rehabilitation. Suitable for clients who require some assistance when standing but are able to participate in the process, the Up can play a supportive role in patient rehabilitation and independence.

Manufactured from aluminium and weighing just 22.5kg, the Up is among the lightest and most nimble in its category; but don’t be fooled, a maximum safe working load of 200kg (31st) also places it among the elite. High-grade castors offer outstanding manoeuvrability across a range of floor surfaces and ensure minimal effort on the part of the care-giver.

As with all Oxford products, injury reduction, fall prevention and ergonomic principles were fundamental considerations during the Up’s development. Perfect positioning of both the swing-away seat pads and knee support help ensure optimum patient positioning. Adjustable legs and a contoured base allow improved access for the patient and promote better posture and ease of use.

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