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The war in the Ukraine has, amongst other things, highlighted our overdependence on fossil fuels. With uncertainty around fuel supply and mounting energy costs, we find ourselves in a global energy crisis.

Yet, in the midst of all this uncertainty, it’s clear there exists a momentous opportunity. An opportunity to embrace and accelerate the deployment of clean technologies, to help achieve energy security and ultimately arrive at net-zero.

The Challenge Facing the Care Sector

When it comes to climate change and the continued burning of fossil fuels, business as usual is no longer an option.

Nursing homes and care homes provide a critical service ensuring patients and residents are cared for in a comfortable and warm environment. The majority of facilities provide heating and hot water from fossil fuel boiler systems – the fact is this must change.

As with every sector of society, the care sector must become more sustainable. But, when it comes to decarbonizing buildings, and in particular heat, there are significant challenges facing the care sector. How do you decarbonise buildings rapidly, cost effectively, and without disrupting the critical service of caring for patients?

Enter the ActionZero EscoPod.

The EscoPod – Decarbonising Heat Rapidly & Without Disruption

The EscoPod is a patented, high temperature heat pump technology designed to replace traditional heating systems with a high efficiency and fossil fuel free alternative. The EscoPod AZH, ActionZero’s dedicated heat pump system for the healthcare industry, has been designed specifically to deliver heating (and cooling) to non-domestic buildings in the healthcare sector, including hospitals, nursing and care homes.

Not only does this technology replace the need for fossil fuels, but it also produces multifunctional outputs that can be used for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The EscoPod AZH also offers significant energy efficiencies, with savings of up to 70% and cost savings ranging up to 65%.

Amongst the many benefits of this technology is the fact that it can be installed with minimal disruption i.e., there is no need for costly building fabric or mechanical system upgrades which are typically required with conventional heat pumps. This offers many organisations a lifeline – a realistic pathway to decarbonise their operations without enormous cost and business interruption.

ActionZero describes themselves as a ‘one stop shop’. They will manage a clients decarbonisation journey from end to end – providing an aftercare package that includes Operations & Maintenance, as well as ongoing performance validation via data analytics.

The EscoPod in action

Earlier this year, ActionZero announced a partnership with the Bons Secours Health System, the largest private hospital network in Ireland. The ActionZero EscoPod AZH is currently being installed at the Bons Secours Hospital Tralee, Co. Kerry with plans to expand the roll out of the technology across six other sites in the healthcare group.

‘We are thrilled to partner with Bon Secours; an organisation that are showing commitment to climate change and taking definitive action to reduce their carbon emissions.

The EscoPod AZH solution enables healthcare organisations to address the very significant challenge that is decarbonising heat, and it does so while putting money in our customers pockets, a win/win where commercial opportunity meets social good.’ said ActionZero CEO Denis Collins, former global executive with IBM and previous chairman of IDA Ireland Regional Development.

The Future is green

According to ActionZero COO Cormac Murphy:
‘The EscoPod is coming to market at a time when companies are struggling to meet the increasing demands to decarbonise existing facilities. We are excited to be part of the solution, supporting these businesses in their transition to zero emissions in a cost-effective manner’.

To support the ongoing development and expansion of its EscoPod product range, ActionZero opened an Irish manufacturing and research & development centre in May 2022. From here, the company will design and manufacture their heat pumps before exporting them to clients internationally. This site will create at least 50 high-value engineering and manufacturing jobs locally. With plans to invest €3m in the company over the coming three years, ActionZero projects sales growth of €50m over the next two years.

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