Interiors Company Working To Provide A ‘Healthier Solution’

SOMMER Rose Interiors is working with upholstery manufacturers to provide a ‘healthier solution’ to care home furniture.

Sarah Thompson and her team would like to introduce SileatherTM.

SileatherTM silicone fabrics are highly durable and abrasion resistant, thanks to our unique silicone, and SileatherTM upholstery fabrics are all over 200,000+ Wyzenbeek double rubs, over 130,000 Martindale and 3000+ Taber cycles (rotating “cement discs”).

We take a long term approach when considering our production of silicone leather and want to do our part to be environmentally friendly. With our non-solvent production technique and with the lack of PVC or PU elements, we are much safer and healthier than traditional fabrics. Unlike PVC fabrics, we do not need to use chlorine in any of the pro-

duction process, and our fab- rics do not leak VOC emissions throughout its life.

There’s no need to clog up landfills – silicone leather is recyclable!

We have passed the most common environmental stan- dards so you can breathe comfortably knowing that you are using a fabric that’s safe for you and the environment.

We take pride that our fabrics are environmentally friendly and safe to use by anyone, SileatherTM silicone fabrics are made with the same material as baby bottle nipples, so they are gentle enough even for babies’ skin.

SileatherTM fabrics have ultralow VOCs, so it is among the healthiest fabrics, making it perfect for use around children, hospitals, ALL HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENTS, hotels, boat cabins, trains, and any number of enclosed spaces.


It’s our mission to bring you a healthy fabric that’s safe, hygienic and meets high standards that help to ensure your well-being.

Thanks to the unique advantages of our proprietary silicone,

SileatherTM fabrics are inherently:

• Flame resistant.
• Does not promote growth of mildew or mould.
• Superior in hydrolysis resistance compared to vinyl and polyurethane fabrics. • Superior in UV and colour fading resistance.
• Stain resistant to many substances found in healthcare facilities, including biro, iodine, betadine, blood and urine.
• Resistant to liquids and fluids.
• Easy to clean – common stains need only water, including biro.
• Medical grade skin friendly and allergen free.
• Highly abrasion resistant and durable with recovery ability to reduce sagging and wrinkling.
• Luxurious soft touch.

For free samples of this upholstery or to view sample furniture, please contact Sarah Thompson on 07495 471038 or email:

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