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Installing Landline Phones In Your Resident’s Room Is A Pain…Right?

Getting BT or some other provider to install a line needs organising, staff have to be around to show the engineer where the line needs to go not to mention the risks of potential damage to the décor…

Sure, they could have a mobile phone but they need charging up and a contract or even worse, topping up. Oh, and guess what? mobiles phones get misplaced and the Care Home staff spend valuable time trying to track them down.

We wanted to make life easier. Now residential Care Establishments with our help can offer hassle free landline phone and number in the residents rooms – almost instantly. You could also make some additional recurring revenue in the process or create a residents welfare fund. Without lifting a finger!

It’s so easy you can actually market this to potential customers!

• No Set-Up Charge

• No Long Term Contract

• Fixed Monthly Rental – Calls Included

You can also use facility to call residents loved ones, as it’s free to call! NO MORE HUNTING EACH FAMILY MEMBERS NUMBER TO CALL, THEY ALL CAN BE ACCESSED VIA THEIR ONE CALL NUMBER

• Emergency, Single Number Access To Resident’s Contacts – One Call Connects Them All!!

Your resident gets their own, number to call and receive calls via dedicated telephone numbers, which their family pays a monthly rental. which includes all the calls inbound and outbound! – We handle all the support so you don’t have to.

Interested? Visit www.onecalluk.org or call 0800 0210182


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