Infection Control Thermometers

UK thermometer manufacturer, TME, explains the important role being played by food thermometers during the coronavirus.

Infection control has never been more of a priority for our hospitals, care and nursing homes keeping vulnerable people safe from the coronavirus. This critical task is obviously their number one concern. Careful food safety measures including the hygienic preparation and delivery of meals also continues to play an important supportive role.

Tom Sensier, MD: “TME Thermometers is staying operational throughout the crisis to continue manufacturing and supplying food thermometers for those who need them, and our staff are ready with help and advice.”

TME’s Ultra Hygienic Food Range

TME’s CA2005 thermometer range for preventing bacterial cross-contamination combines waterproof thermometers, colour coded dishwasher-safe probes and colour coded stainless steel storage for an ultra-hygienic food safety solution.

The CA2005-P thermometer with dishwasher-safe probe can be bought for as little as £65 and the CA2005-PK kit with 6 anti-cross contamination colour-coded needle probes is now just £125.

TME offers a full range of temperature test and measurement equipment for food manufacturing, catering and legionella risk prevention at its online shopping site or by contacting 01903 700651

TME – When temperature matters

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