HSBC Announces Support For Alzheimer’s Society In 2014/15

HSBC-logoWe are delighted that HSBC employees in the UK have voted to continue supporting Alzheimer’s Society in 2014/2015.

Alzheimer’s Society, along with five other national charities, will be supported by HSBC Bank plc customers and employees in the UK through its ATMs nationwide; online through its Personal and Business Internet Banking service, and with money HSBC UK employees donate from their salaries each month through the Bank’s ‘Keep the Change’ scheme.

HSBC customers and employees in the UK have been donating to Alzheimer’s Society for a number of years and over £88,500 has been raised to support people living with dementia to date.

Liz Monks, Director of Fundraising at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

‘As the number of people with dementia continues to rise, Alzheimer’s Society needs to raise more funds than ever to support people with dementia and their carers. We are delighted that HSBC employees have recently voted to continue to support us in this way. We are incredibly grateful that thousands of people living with the condition will benefit from donations made by HSBC customers at ATMs across the country.’

Jane Daniels, Community Investment Project Manager at HSBC, said:

‘We are delighted to able to offer our customers and employees the facility to donate to charity in this way and believe that our UK employees have once again made an excellent choice of the Bank’s six national charities for the next two years.’

In 2006, HSBC was the first bank in the UK to offer customers the chance to donate to charities at cash machines.

Since then, nearly £1.5 million has been donated through HSBC cash machines to UK charities. In 2012 alone, over £190,000 was donated to the current six national charities through ATMs and online, and £41,000 through the employee ‘Keep the Change’ scheme.















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