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How to Prevent Injury as a Carer in the Workplace

Lifting and manual labour is a part of many carers’ day-to-day responsibilities, and with this comes the risk of injury and accident. Learning how to prevent these injuries and where to recognise the likelihood of them occurring is an essential skill all carers need to learn.


An estimated 52% of carers suffer from musculoskeletal injuries, especially back injuries, as a result of assisting the person they care for and carrying out manual tasks as a part of their duties.

To prevent an injury like this, learning how to lift properly is essential:
•Plan the lift – know how you are going to lift, where you will place the person (or load), and remove any obstacles before you begin lifting
•Bend your knees and squat in preparation to lift, keeping your core braced and your back straight
•Keep the person (or load) close to your waist to reduce pressure on your back
•Face the person you are lifting to prevent your back from bending too much
•Maintain a stable position, ideally with feet slightly apart and one leg forward
•Lift with a smooth motion, pushing with your leg muscles
•Don’t bend your back or twist when you lift, as this could cause injury
•Know your limits – if you don’t think you can lift someone or something safely on your own, ask for help or use tools to assist you (see below).

Ergonomic Assistance
Staying safe as a carer also means making use of tools that can assist you and the person you care for. These include:
•Shower benches and chairs
•Grab bars and toilet seat risers
•Bed hoists and lifts

For all carers, making your safety a priority should be a key concern, Carers Insurance from Surewise.com aims to cover you against the risks you may face as a carer so that you can focus on your work every day with the peace of mind that you’re covered against unexpected incidents and can live life confidently.

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