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Helping Care Teams Engage

by Gillian Hesketh of Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design

HappyDaysAlongside healthy eating and exercise, social engagement is paramount for overall wellbeing. That’s why at Happy Days Dementia Workshop, we are passionate about helping care teams enrich social care for residents, patients, people at home and people living with dementia.

Everyone reminisces, no matter what age; remembering school days, a holiday, a concert, previous job or life experience. Reminiscence can colour our stories, comfort us and is especially useful when caring elderly and people living with dementia.

It’s important for care teams to have varied collection of reminiscence materials available to help initiate meaningful social interaction. ‘Care Teams become very enthusiastic once they have reminiscence materials to engage with’ states Gillian Hesketh MA, of Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design.

We are all different: some of us may enjoy afternoon craft sessions, watching a film, or a trip out but for others, just a few moments chatting may be enough. Using Happy Days ‘Time to Chat’ prompts, reading newspaper headlines or employing nostalgic games like Jacks, Beetle Drive or Snakes & Ladders can be extremely beneficial. We don’t stop here.

Happy Days has a range of meaningful wall art and nostalgic murals to expand interaction, encourage eating, instigate exercise and generate conversations. Our replica shops can bring carers, residents and visitors together creating a sense of community which everyone can enjoy.

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