Hassle-Free Refurbishment: Care Interiors at the Cowdray Club

Dwayne Cook, Head of Projects at Spearhead:

“There’s a problem with the roof.” It’s probably one of the worst sentences a home-owner could hear. Expensive repairs, extensive disruption; it’s not a situation anyone would want to find themselves in. Yet, for Renaissance Care, it was exactly the situation that arose at their Cowdray Club Care Home, situated in Ferryhill area of Aberdeen.

The listed 19th century building, which once housed an exclusive Gentlemen’s Club, required significant refurbishment after many years of service. Renaissance Care used a local construction company for the structural work, and came to Spearhead’s Care Interiors to refurbish the interior of the home.

Revitalising Cowdray Club had some significant challenges for the Care Interiors team. The building is home to many elderly residents who would have been disrupted by closure, so it was vitally important that the building remained fully functional throughout the project. To keep residents enjoying their environment, we undertook a phased refurbishment plan, fully completing one floor before moving onto the next. In order to ensure that the work was completed as quickly as possible, we undertook end-to-end project management, which is an optional part of the Care Interiors service. By appointing a dedicated lead, we can handle the stress of tweaking designs, ordering furniture, arranging delivery days and ensuring correct placement in every room.

Another challenge with the Cowdray Club was balancing the need for a modern care environment with the stately character of the building. Light colours on the walls help to enhance the original wood panels and cornices, brightening the building. This is essential for those with visual impairments. The lounge in particular pays tribute to the building’s history as a Gentlemen’s Club with traditional chairs and a custom-made bar. Although they look traditional, the chairs include modern features essential for the care environment; they are made from wipeable fabrics, making cleaning easy for care home staff.

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