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Groundbreaking ProjectFIT IDDSI Drinks Solution: Revolutionizing Dysphagia Care in the UK

Refreshment Systems Limited (RSL) introduces the ProjectFIT IDDSI drinks solution, catering to individuals living with dysphagia – a swallowing disorder affecting around 8% of the UK population. Dysphagia can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, affecting nutrition, hydration, and social interactions. RSL’s innovative push-button solution provides hope and convenience to patients and caregivers/clinicians alike.

Collaborating with colleagues in Belgium through Bravilor, the ProjectFIT team developed a cutting-edge counter-top machine that delivers a range of hot and cold beverages with various flavours, customized to specific IDDSI levels. By automating the preparation process, the solution ensures each drink is consistently prepared, offering patients the preferred beverage without unexpected variations.

The adherence to strict IDDSI guidelines guarantees the appropriate viscosity and texture for safe swallowing, reducing the risk of choking or aspiration. The automated process streamlines preparation, saving valuable resources, and allowing caregivers/clinicians to focus on patient care. The elimination of manual preparation results in cost and labour benefits, making it a financially viable option for healthcare providers.

An essential feature of the ProjectFIT IDDSI drinks is their amylase-resistant properties, maintaining the desired viscosity throughout consumption, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for patients.

The solution offers a wide range of exciting flavours, including Orange, Apple & Peach, Lemon Tea, Coffee, and Tea, encouraging patients to stay hydrated and maintain proper nutrition. RSL and ProjectFIT plan to introduce even more flavours in the future, expanding the range of enjoyable and safe beverages for individuals with dysphagia.

With over 50 years of experience in coffee, vending and providing solutions to the UK Care Home, NHS, and Private Healthcare markets, RSL is a trusted leader in the industry.

The introduction of the ProjectFIT IDDSI drinks solution reinforces their dedication to enhancing the lives of dysphagia patients and caregivers/clinicians.

The future of dysphagia catering in the UK looks brighter than ever before, thanks to the groundbreaking ProjectFIT IDDSI drinks solution from RSL. Focused on consistency, safety, and enjoyment, this innovative solution promises to improve the overall quality of life for individuals with dysphagia, marking a significant advancement in dysphagia care.

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