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Global Leader in Wallcoverings Launches New Infection Control Collection

BiomasterMuraspec Wallcoverings, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in wallcoverings, has launched a new antimicrobial coating which, when applied to their wallcoverings, creates a surface that guarantees bacteria cannot survive.

Muraspec, a UK manufacturer, has partnered with another UK manufacturer, Addmaster, who have developed their branded Biomaster© biocide for use on a variety of products to aid infection control. Creating wallcoverings with this new antimicrobial coating means that Muraspec can make a significant contribution to improved infection control within healthcare, education and high traffic public environments.

As a care home owner you want to provide the best care for your residents through excellent infection control, but it’s unrealistic to be cleaning every minute of the day. The beauty of this new coating means that interior walls have antimicrobial protection 24-7 by creating surfaces where bacteria cannot survive.

Biomaster© is incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active. When added, it is dispersed throughout the entire item and becomes an integral part of the product.

So how does it work?

When bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster© protected wallcovering, the silver ions prevent them from growing, producing energy or replicating, therefore they die. Silver is inorganic and non-leaching which means that, unlike organic antimicrobial agents / technologies, it stays within the item to which it is added. The controlled release of the active ingredient provides maximum antibacterial protection, 24/7, for the lifetime of the product.

Launched at The Care Show 2018

As infection control is a very high priority within the Care sector, Muraspec launched this new addition to its offering at The Care Show 2018, which took place at the NEC, Birmingham on 17th and 18th October.

Simon Miller, Sales Director at Muraspec said, “The response has been great from the care sector and visitors to the show. We had many enquiries from care home owners about how this can enhance their environments and infection control. We’re delighted.”

To date the majority of Muraspec wallcoverings have a biocide coating, which protects the products against moulds and fungi. This new Biomaster© biocide coating actively ensures that harmful bacteria will also not be able to survive on their wallcoverings.

Initially this coating is being applied to Type 2, 20oz. vinyls; woven and non-woven, with the first ‘range’ being the Elan range. However this coating can be applied to a broader range of products, as a ‘special’.

Muraspec Wallcoverings, with a heritage dating back to the 1850s, has developed a global reputation for innovating throughout its history, and for outstanding product quality, impressive design, and exceptional production and technical support.

This addition to their range will be manufactured at their factory, based in Kent, and applicable to a wide selection of high quality, inspiring designs, which are all fire rated.

Their team of experienced Technical Advisors and Account Managers are always on hand, able to work closely with you to provide a comprehensive solution from inception to the completion of large or small care home projects. As a manufacturer, they pride themselves on their flexibility for production and boast the shortest lead times in the industry.

For more details on their range Call their Customer Service Team on 03705 117118 or email customerservices@muraspec.com and visit the www.muraspec.com


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