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Gain Valuable Insight With Adveco For Gas To Electric Decarbonisation Of Care Homes

Care homes intending to replace existing gas-fired domestic hot water (DHW) systems with more sustainable electric technologies as part of a decarbonisation strategy should invest in data gathering first recommends hot water specialist Adveco.

Live Metering is a simple to install, non-invasive onsite service provided by Adveco that generates consistent six minute data 24 hours per day from existing hot water systems to accurately understand actual usage, including critical peak demands and their profile shape. Adveco’s specialist engineers will visit to fit the meter and assess the site. The data will then be processed, and a report generated with design recommendations for a replacement system that meets the exact needs of the building.

The most consistent issue we see in healthcare hot water systems is oversizing, whether through lack of understanding of application design or concerns over providing suitable back up to ensure system continuity. The result of oversizing is always the same, unnecessary capital costs for system supply and installation, and ongoing excess operational costs associated with higher energy demands and therefore greater carbon emissions. As the care sector seeks to adopt greener building operations, replacing old gas-fired systems with like-for-like electric is another guaranteed way to gain an oversized system. If the replacement system is oversized, operational costs climb as the price of electricity per kW remains high. Should demand exceed a building’s available amperage of electrical supply, project installation costs will inevitably soar, or even stall the project. This can be avoided by understanding your actual hot water demands and designing the replacement to meet those specific needs. This is why accurate data is so valuable.

The recommended replacement design by Adveco will show carbon reduction and outline new operational costs. Accurate to the actual demands of the property, live metered designs avoid excess capital costs associated with oversizing and ensures operation within the limits of the existing electrical supply of the building.

Organisations which opt to purchase the recommended replacement system from Adveco will receive a 50% refund on the cost of implementing the initial Live Metering service.

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