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G-Touch Wireless Care Home Solution  

Genee is a UK leading manufacturer of innovative technological solutions. Genee plays an integral role across all major industries, including health care, to support patients, residents, and staff.

Having supported Care Homes through the pandemic The G-Touch Wireless Care Home Solution is one of Genee’s most impactful solutions yet. The solution includes; the G-Touch Interactive Screen, Electric Mobile Trolley, and a Wireless Battery Pack. Its portability, specially designed and simple to use interface, as well as its multitude of applications, are specifically built for residents and staff in mind.

The G-Touch Interactive Screen is an engaging resource for residents and staff. Available in 55’’, 65’’ and 75’’, the touchscreen itself has durable and toughened safety glass that can be easily cleaned. The large screen provides for spectacular viewings of videos, TV shows and movies. In addition, the size of the screen encourages residents to participate in interactive activities.

With built-in 2x15w front facing speakers and an HD video conferencing camera provides the perfect communication tool to video call families, friends, and other care homes. With the built-in PC and Android 8.0 operating system, the user interface software is easy to use. As soon as the touchscreen is turned on, the system loads into a tablet style of multiple icons containing the software and Apps used daily without the need for a PC-style login. The included software also helps residents with health issues, including Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A solution that benefits all! The Electric Mobile Trolley is better suited than a traditional wall mount or trolley. The mobile trolley can be electronically adjusted by height and offers 90-degree angle adjustment from horizontal to vertical, ensuring easy accessibility at different chairs and wheelchair height. The four lightweight and strong steel integrated castors include locking brakes for safety.

The Wireless Battery Pack removes trip hazards and provides a helpful portable solution. Simply add the lightweight battery pack to the trolley and easily move the touchscreen from room to room.

The G-Touch Wireless Care Home Solution comes with 5 years’ on-site warranty as standard with no additional costs. Our dedicated team will bring the equipment to the care home, assemble, and install the solution and test everything on site. We will also support you with free online training to ensure your Care Home gets maximum use of this incredible solution.

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