Still using paper-based systems to manage aspects of your care business? Yes, you might be able to manage that way, you’ve always done it that way, is there a part of you that can’t face changing, not to mention the perceived upheaval, time, investment and training required to change. The thing is, switching to Fusion is none of those things, and once you’re up and running you’ll know for sure your data is safe and compliant whilst your business runs more efficiently.

Fusion is for care providers who strive to achieve the best care and the best working practices.

Capture relevant information such as resident/staff details in the most simple time efficient way. -Manage your documents to ensure that information is dealt with logically. -Avoid duplication of using handwritten timesheets that need to be manually inputted into a payroll system. -Address technological care planning obstacles. The perception that your staff are not IT literate is out of date, most people own a smart phone, so yes they are IT pros! Streamlining optimizing and automating certain internal processes will reduce delays, human error, red tape, and the complexity of certain manual administrative processes as well as relieving the stress of the inspectors visit!

Fusion is for care providers who want to streamline business process, stop errors, prevent repetition and achieve “Outstanding” our clients are the proof, we have the solution.

Software for care by people who care.

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