Frustrated by Lost Keys? KeysPlease Can Help!

Are you frustrated by lost keys for lockers, desk pedestals, filing cabinets, cupboards, drawers and other office furniture? Do you shudder at the cost of calling someone out or the time wasted trying other means to open the lock? Here is a better alternative.

KEYSPLEASE supply REPLACEMENT KEYS AND LOCKS quickly and cost effectively. We have been in this specialized business for 30 years and developed a mail order service quick and easy to use. Most keys and locks can be dispatched to ANY LOCATION within a day.

•How to order: when a key is missing simply note the code number stamped on the lockface and send with your order by post, fax, email or even order online direct. it’s as simple as that!!!

•Also check the website for our fantastic range of lockers, key cabinets and other office furniture direct from the
manufacturer at amazing prices.

Call 020 8343 2943 or try out next time someone loses their keys

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