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Forbes Professional Helps Care Homes Ensure Optimal Protection

Laundry equipment is a critical investment for any care home, extending way beyond the delivery of immaculately pressed shirts for discerning residents. By choosing specialised commercial appliances, the healthcare sector can efficiently process the requisite wash volumes whilst maintaining a safe environment and adhering to stringent regulatory requirements. The Association for Applied Hygiene and Robert Koch Institute stipulate that combining disinfection programmes with appropriate segregation of clean and dirty laundry is required for infection control. Care homes must also choose a reliable partner for the provision, service and maintenance of laundry equipment. If a machine breaks down, it is imperative to know it will be repaired or replaced urgently as machine downtime can be highly impactful.

Forbes Professional carefully select manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standards of product and service. A national distribution partner to Miele, they install and maintain laundry and dishwashing machines to care homes across the UK. Miele is renowned for producing highly energy, water and user efficient appliances. Their heat pump dryers reduce energy consumption by an astounding 70% when compared to standard vented dryers making them a great choice for any care home.

Furthermore, the employment of impressive array of hygiene and safety functions enables Miele’s intelligent appliances to continually monitor the parameters that are crucial to disinfection. Miele washing machines offer thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programmes and recent models have received the highly coveted Seal in Black as a testimony to exceptional hygiene standards, with special recognition for deactivating more than 99.9% of all viruses.

Forbes works closely with clients to deliver a hygienic, efficient solution that meets budget and space requirements and fully complies with WRAS and CQC regulations. Their inclusive maintenance and repair services eliminate unexpected expenses and reduce machine downtime. Forbes enables invaluable support and adaptability so that care homes can respond to changing resident populations or regulatory guidelines and focus on providing high-quality care, knowing that their equipment is in capable hands. | | 0345 070 2335