Forbes Helps Care Providers Establish A Highly Efficient Ware-Washing Process

When planning a kitchen it is important to make the right procurement decisions for your dishwasher so that it can be accommodated within the design. There are a number of factors to consider including the plumbing and electrical supply, the physical space available and the specific hygiene requirements. If you decide to go for a pass-through dishwasher which are designed for straight through or corner operation you will need to allow for sufficient space to load and unload the machine. When considering the work area, it is also essential to give thought to whether or not you will require an external water softener, and to where chemicals will be stored.

Forbes Professional always conducts a comprehensive site survey and we can work with clients to ensure that the right decisions are made at each stage of the process. For a care environment, our tank dishwashers enable an impressively fast through put of up to 72 baskets per hour which is invaluable within a busy kitchen. Where a specialist hygiene dishwasher is required, our Miele hygiene freshwater dishwashers deliver a particularly high temperature final rinse that is maintained for 5 minutes to ensure the ultimate hygienic clean. Our Miele dishwashers are all fully WRAS compliant and comply with all the necessary industry regulations.

Our experienced account managers provide all the necessary advice and guide clients through the planning stages to ensure adherence to the relevant operating parameters. Under our Complete Care package, clients also have the peace of mind afforded by our first-class engineer response service, at no extra cost for the duration of the contract.

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