For The Cuppas That Show You Care

With lots of refreshing fruit and herbal blends as well as Original and black tea, Tetley has a solution for everyone when it comes to having a cuppa.

Here at Tetley, we understand the challenge of keeping your residents hydrated and the important role a quality cuppa can play.

A significant 20% of care home residents are dehydrated1 which can lead to hospital admission. This is easily preventable by keeping hydrated.

Every cuppa counts
It can be hard to make sure your residents are drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day. Tea counts towards the recommended daily water intake,2 making this the perfect comforting beverage to serve as a way of keeping on top of hydration.

Whilst black tea remains a firm favourite among tea drinkers,3 having a range of tea blends including fruit and herbal options, is important and goes a long way in keeping your residents hydrated. This way you can maximise the opportunities to maintain hydration levels throughout the day by catering to different dayparts.

As the nation’s favourite,4 by serving Tetley to your residents, you will be bringing to them a familiar taste, helping them relax and settle. For the love of tea, for the love of Tetley.

For the love of tea

Tetley is No.1 in the foodservice sector.5 We’ve been serving quality cuppas to the nation for the past 185 years.
Operating globally, we source, buy and blend the finest tea leaves, so you can promise residents perfection with every sip.

Whilst we are tea masters, we are also environmentally conscious and committed to operating our business in a way that supports the people and environment it touches. With every Tetley cuppa that you and your residents drink, you’re helping us in reaching our sustainability and environmental goals.

More than just tea
Designed with care professionals and caterers in mind, the Tetley Hydration Handbook and Hydration Help Sheet offer insight and advice to help keep residents hydrated in all care environments!

We have a range of free POS and merchandising material available to reassure residents that you serve the much-loved taste of Tetley while having physical drink prompt reminders for staff.


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