For The Cuppas That Comfort

As we enter into winter, we know people seek warmth through the enjoyment of hot beverages, with tea remaining the most popular pick on the list of wintertime beverages.1

At Tetley, we’re here here to support your staff and residents to feel cosy with a comforting cuppa. As the UK’s No.1 tea brand in the foodservice industry,2 we are dedicated to going beyond simply providing delicious tea solutions, we aim to support all our customers with useful tools, tips and resources to help with your day-to-day operations.

Cuppas that count
Current research shows that 20% of care home residents are dehydrated,3 and this is becoming a leading cause of hospitalisation. Therefore, understand just how important it is to keep residents healthy and hydrated while also making the experience enjoyable, and the challenge this can face for care providers.

Did you know? Tea counts towards your daily water intake,4 and so aids with rehydration! Offering residents their favourite cuppa not only acts as a comforting moment for them but also helps maintain their hydration level.

When you serve Tetley, you’re serving the Nation’s favourite.5 Feel confident in bringing a familiar taste to your residents, helping them relax, settle and celebrate this festive season.

For the love of tea
We’ve been serving quality cuppas to the Nation for the past 185 years.

Operating globally, we source, buy and blend the finest tea leaves, so you can promise residents perfection with every sip.

We are also environmentally conscious and committed to operating our business in a way that supports the people and environment it touches.

More than just tea
Designed with care professionals in mind, the Tetley Hydration Handbook and Hydration Help Sheet offer insight and advice to help keep residents hydrated!

We have a range of free POS available to reassure residents that you serve the much-loved taste of Tetley while having physical drink prompt reminders for staff.

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