Food Procurement Experts, Allmanhall are Helping Care Caterers Manage Rising Food Costs

Here the causes behind significant food inflation and provide advice on practical ways care home catering teams can manage rising costs are explored.

“There are wide-ranging reasons why we’re currently experiencing such significant food inflation. Our global food supply chain comes with input cost factors that originate far beyond these shores” explains Oliver Hall, managing director of food procurement experts, allmanhall.

The Bank of England has revised its projections upwards, predicting that inflation will now peak at 10% towards the end of 2022. Upward pressure is expected this autumn as energy prices rise again and the full impact of harvest yields globally, and more specifically in Ukraine and Russia, become known.

Allmanhall’s apply such insight and understanding to managing suppliers, thus supporting care home catering teams with their food purchasing in these challenging times. As well as expert negotiations to mitigate the price increases and risk associated with food inflation, allmanhall’s hands-on, experienced consultants are able to offer care homes practical advice.

Coping strategies are key, addressing the things you can control:
– Select the purchasing approach that brings your care home maximum benefit
– Undertake range management
– Reduce your care home’s cost to serve
– Increase your delivery values (add non-food items to your order)
– Multi- and upskill your catering team
– Reduce waste wherever possible
– Review the efficiency of your equipment
– Consider your care home’s menus and recipes
– Review product specifications.

These steps will enable your catering budgets and food purchases to go as far as possible.

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Rachael Venditti from allmanhall will be talking on the topic of Food Inflation at the Care Home and Hospital Catering Forum in Haberdashers Hall, London on 13 June.

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