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Fleecy Wraps, Bed Jackets, Dressing Gowns & Fleecy Capes

Adaptawear-PicsWith the Autumn weather changing and the colder nights; Adaptawear wanted to let you know that our best-selling Ladies and Men’s Fleecy Wraps, Bed Jackets, Dressing Gowns and Fleecy Capes are all in stock – perfect to keep you warmer on those colder evenings!  In a choice of pastel and vibrant colours in variety of styles to suit all needs and tastes.

Fleecy Wrap – this lightweight fleecy wrap is great for keeping the chills off your shoulders and arms when reading in bed, watching TV, or sitting at the computer. With two large pockets, this fleecy wrap will quickly become a favourite for people who always feel the cold.

Fleecy Cape – warm, double layer fleecy cape with a cosy collar to keep away the chills. The cape is extremely easy to wear as an alternative style of bed-jacket or when sitting for long periods in a chair.

Men’s Fleecy Bed Jacket – warm fleecy bed jacket with easy access sleeves and Velcro easy tab style fastenings.

Luxury Waffle Fleece Bed Jacket – extra warm fleecy bed jacket in a stylish cut.  Extremely soft and warm bed jacket without being too heavy.

Ribbon Tie Neck Bed Jacket – pretty lightweight 3/4 sleeve tie neck bed jacket with lace detail.

Luxury Waffle Fleece Dressing Gown – Stylish luxury fleecy dressing gown to keep you warm in bed.

For more information on Adaptawear’s Product Range please visit www.adaptawear.com. Carer readers please quote TC141 for 10% discount off your first order.


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