Five Tips to Fight Inflation and Beat the Clock

When it comes to inflation and the rising costs of providing care the summer of discontent will, all too soon, become the winter of despair. Plus, with 10% vacancies in the care workforce, we all have to do more with much less time.

So here are five tips from for fighting inflation and beating the clock – just pick and choose what works for you:

Compare prices – many suppliers will rely on their customers not looking around for the best prices. But if you always do what you’ve always done you always get what you always got. On Wippet we have a price comparison function. Once you’ve registered and logged in at you can select a number of items to compare clearly on a page making sure you get the best available value.

Consolidate your buying to save time – countless hours are spent dealing with many different suppliers to buy everything a care home needs: phoning one, meeting another online and offline. Wippet has more than 30 suppliers and 50,000 products all in one website. Each order only needs 1 basket, one login and you get one invoice – saving you tine that could be spent better elsewhere.

Save time with automatic reordering – another load of time is easily wasted doing the same things week in week out. With Wippet, once you’ve selected the products you regularly need, you can add them all to your basket in a couple of clicks to re-order the next time. And of course, you can change quantity or cancel any items at checkout.

Request a quote – as they say, if you don’t ask you don’t get. With Wippet’s RFQ (Request for Quote) function, you can contact any of our suppliers and ask if they can do a better price for you. If you need help using it, see our bonus track below!

Buy bigger and less frequently. Often buying larger amounts of the regular products you need – but buying them less frequently – means you can either get a better price, or save on delivery costs – or both! There are minimum order values for free delivery on most products on Wippet and if you don’t know …

Bonus track – find somebody to help you.

Wippet’s chat function is on our site to help. It usually has a real person answering your queries, but if nobody is available it’ll store your question until the earliest moment we can answer it. We have a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers eager to help you get the best out of Wippet. So, if you’re buying for a residential home and you want to see how Wippet can help you fight inflation and save valuable time, just get in touch.

Our Customer Success Managers can help over the phone, online or may even be able to come to your home to show you first-hand how to make the most of Wippet.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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