Fill 100% of Your Staffing Needs with Care Hires

Care Hires was founded to help Care Providers solve their staffing problems by making it easier to work with Staffing Agencies.

Now the Care Hires platform is in use all over the UK, helping Care Providers to reach:

• Complete control over agency spend
• 100% Shift fulfilment
• 100% Staff compliance
• Reduced administration costs
• And much more…

The Care Hires system is a neutral vendor platform where we source and manage agencies on your behalf to make sure whenever you need, you can find fully qualified professionals with just a few clicks. No more calling multiple agencies, sending out a flurry of emails, and having to coordinate the responses. Just post your vacancy, and your bespoke selection of agencies put forward pre-vetted workers meeting your requirements

The hours saved on hiring are matched by significant reductions in admin time, including:
• Consolidated invoices – instead of paying dozens of agency invoices covering each service or shift, make one payment to Care Hires.
• More accessible communications – by providing agency staff with our free mobile app, they can easily access their work rota and be updated in real-time about changes to their hours.
• Easier timesheet management – using the Care Hires app, staff can clock in and out and send their timesheets for approval without the delays and bureaucracy of paper-based solutions.
• Better cash flow for agencies – because of the easier and faster timesheet management, hours worked can be processed and billed to the client more quickly, helping your cash flow.
We make finding staff and running your business more straightforward, but what else? Although we focus on delivering quality rather than solely looking for direct savings, because we help streamline the rates your agencies charge and save your office team so much time, we can still deliver huge returns:
• An average of over £8,000 saved per site on administration
• Over £1.2 million saved so far on agency spend

For just one customer, we identified over £500,000 of annual agency savings, on top of efficiency improvements.

Can you afford to miss out on this amount of money? Contact Care Hires for a free demo, and in as little as 12 weeks from contract, you could eliminate all the headaches that come from being under-staffed.

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