ETHEL, The Smart Care Hub

The Covid19 pandemic has really ripped through our healthcare system and it has impacted the Care Home industry in a profound way too. However, what’s been quite evident, is the resilience of staff and their drive to better manage the residents in their care. In a way, the pandemic offers us an opportunity to explore if ‘technology enabled care’ can help us solve some of the issues we are facing. Can Tech help busy Carehome staff offer better support, connect the residents regularly with the family, help with clinical outcomes, with- out adding to their workload?

It is in this context that solutions such as ETHEL, the smart care hub has attracted a lot of interest from the Care Home sector. ETHEL is a large (16 inch) touch screen personal device with a robust stand and tailor- made for 85+ yr olds who have little or no computer skills. Its easy to use interface and robust security fea- tures helps a resident connect with their wider family network and clinical team in an easy way. Families can make video calls to the Large screen device, they can send photos and video clips and send simple mes- sages. It also allows the clinical team to offer remote physiotherapy, remotely gather vital signs from the res- ident on a regular basis and do remote video consulta- tions. ETHEL also comes with a built in Early Warning Scoring system for detecting deterioration.

A number of patients across the UK – from Shetland Islands to the devon coast have benefitted from using ETHEL. You can get more information at and/or call us on 07841977559.

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