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Engagement in Care!

IMG_5638-aThe Care organisations have been under great pressure in recent years, from facing the uncertainty that goes with Brexit to a variety of NHS cuts, hoping to weather the storm awaiting better times.

A key issue has always been recruitment and retention of staff. With cashflow being squeezed to the extreme, making significant financial awards to staff can become an intolerable expense.

Whilst there is some light at the end of the tunnel, the key questions remain:

How to I attract the right staff; and once I have recruited them, how do I ensure they stay?

A changing industry has brought a change in the mindset of the workforce, which Care organisations need to recognise and adapt to, by evolving their brand image and employee engagement.

Key issues behind recruitment include the perceived unattractiveness of the industry, unsociable hours and low pay. The truth is that such issues cannot be tackled overnight or even eliminated solely through investment. The only way to evolve is to show potential candidates why your Organisation is worth working for, demonstrating an attractive culture and a focus on engaging staff and developing them.

Whilst it might still be true that for a lot of workers, the priority is still to earn money to survive, an increased number of employees value their development and true employer engagement just as much.

Implementing positive performance management is a good starting point, by holding regular review meetings with staff that go beyond simply ticking boxes, showing your employees that you are vested in their progress.

Providing quality training, which can be cost-effective and online, provides certified training that expands your team’s skillset and develops your people.

Finally giving access to “out of the box” benefits can be a great driver for engagement. The advantage of this over traditional “bonus” payments is that longer term benefits are constantly visible to the employee, providing a sense of belonging. Ideas include team building days, social meals, or discount clubs providing money off shopping, travel and everyday expenses.

The incoming President of the Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA), Dean Royles, identified the key issue – a sector filled with high quality and skilled personnel, but undervalued financially. If those providing the care are struggling and feeling disengaged, what hope do the recipients of the care service really have?

Evolving is the key to bringing back quality candidates to a thriving industry.

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Zameer Nazarali
Managing Director and Employment Lawyer