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Employment Screening Solution Tailored For The Care Sector

SS-Logo-13411395929696_nThe care sector skills shortage has been spoken about for some time. Employers are finding it increasingly hard to retain the best people. Coupled with long onboarding times this can cause owners and managers real resourcing problems. With staff turnover in the care sector at approximately 27% there must be a better way.

That’s why at Secure Screening Services we have created a care sector screening package which is both fast and reliable. We have an easy to use online portal which can be used by the employer to register and the candidate to enter required information. We then process the information and complete the required checks. We have some of the fastest DBS turnaround times in the UK.

Easy to read reports and a fully managed process will allow the candidate start work with you sooner, benefitting both employer and employee. We won’t make you sign a contract and you can pay as you screen.

To learn more about how to register for screening please visit www.securescreeningservices.com/care-sector-screening

Alternatively contact us at 01243 767868 where we will be happy to assist you with the process.


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