Employee Engagement: Employee Retention

Are you spending too much time on recruitment and not enough time engaging with your current employees?

This is not an uncommon situation to find yourself in and is magnified by the current COVID-19 crisis where you may have to be making difficult decisions with redundancies or unable to meet your demand for care worker.

It’s important to note, these are not just a couple of buzz words used by HR managers; engaging with your employees can have a significant, positive impact on your business and its performance.

This handy checklist will help create a more employee focused organisation and help towards retaining your valued employees:

Selection – Be open and honest about the role and responsibilities at the initial recruitment stage

Development and progression – Offer opportunities for employees to gain skills and build on their career

Engage employees – ensure you’re having regular performance conversations

and reviews, conduct surveys and have in place a grievance procedure

Be flexible – Wherever possible, accommodate indi- vidual preferences on working hours and times

Manage work load – Monitor workload and ensure it is manageable within working hours

Employee well-being – Support employees with issues such as workplace stress

For further information, contact The Policy Library.

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