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Edison-ad-picEdison, who are probably better known for innovating solutions for Private Hospitals and Mental Health Trusts, have recently been helping with more complex problems experienced in care homes. The most recent being a 20 year old Intercall system which has been upgraded to the latest specifications including the 30 million event logging and, even more importantly, making the system reliable; all without switching the system off other than to swap the power supplies.

Edison have picked up the pieces left by the wireless manufacturers who do not want to support their legacy products and even smaller projects the same manufacturers do not feel it is worth their while to even quote for.

Supplies of legacy pagers are now finally coming to an end, although Edison still might be able to repair your pagers. Edison have taken on a software/hardware engineer who can produce interfaces so that the existing paging can be changed to work with paging available from many different suppliers including Edison.

“Falls” is a current topic that Edison have tailored a package for a client so that:
The Over door light illuminates outside the room when set;
If the User/Patient sleeps peacefully all night, Staff do not have to be on watch.
If the User/Patient exits the bed:
The light comes on in the room, helping to prevent falls
The lamp flashes outside the room;
A pager beeps;
The nurse call display shows the origin of the call;
The User/Patient receives the care they need as promptly as possible.
Tele 01252 330220
Web www.edisontelecom.co.uk


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