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Dysphagia in Dementia Patients

At Bidfood, we understand the challenges that care caterers face. With this in mind, we are proud to provide a wide selection of added value support to help caterers serve up great food to all of their residents.

Our support ranges from menu development to information on catering for specialist diets, offering more than just products, but advice and support too from experts within the business.

As well as our range of over 13,000 products, which includes the best of both own brand and leading foodservice brands, our care customers will find anything they need for service from store cupboard ingredients, frozen and chilled food, non- alcoholic and alcoholic drinks right through to non-food products, including crockery, cooking utensils, cleaning products and catering equipment.

To complement our own brand collection, we have a very broad branded supplier base which allows us to offer a substantial range of specialist products to help develop specialist menus around allergies, malnutrition and dysphagia.

We have worked hard to pull together our technical document, ‘Catering with Care’, which is aimed at the whole catering team to advise on catering for residents with a range of dietary and cultural requirements.

Our teams have produced specific guides to give caterers ideas and support on how best to cater for sufferers of dementia and dysphagia. As well as a suggested four week menu cycle which is also available to our customers with supporting recipes that have been nutritionally analysed with allergen listing, all of which can be accessed via our website.

With the introduction of the new IDDSI framework coming into effect from April 2019, we are already looking at working closely with our food development team and our nutritionist to provide support to our customers to smoothly manage the transition over to these new standards.

Whilst these are changes on the horizon for our care home customers, we pride ourselves on our support and advice to keep you up to date and well informed.

For more information, and to view our current guide on dysphagia. Please visit:

By Vicky Mogford, Marketing Manager for Healthcare at Bidfood.


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