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DripAssist™ Infusion Rate Monitor

The award winning DripAssist™ is the simplest IV infusion management device. DripAssist™ makes it simple to be in control of IV infusions with required accuracy and precision.

DripAssist™ monitors and manages IV gravity drips easily, simply and quickly without expensive infusions pumps. It is portable, easy to set up and can be used with any tubing set and size. Calibration and maintenance are not required, and you can learn to use the DripAssist™ in less than 5 minutes.

DripAssist™ is an innovative device that counts IV drops accurately for constant and reliable monitoring of the IV infusions. An alarm alerts you, if the drop rate changes or when the infusion bag is empty. The monitor always knows the exact volume infused, hence enables safe and precise IV medication dosing. DripAssist™ is accurate and always reliable and helps you manage IV drips speedily and without loss of valuable nursing time.

Affordable, cost-effective and simple to use, the DripAssist™ monitors and manages specialty and traditional IV drips for safe and accurate IV medication dosing in a wide range of care settings and across different healthcare environments. DripAssist™ improves patient safety and increases therapeutic successes of intravenous infusions.

Supplied by Win Health Medical Ltd – 01835 864866 – www.win-health.com


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