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Discover Quality Footwear That Flatters Swollen Feet

SS19-125_Koryl_English-Rose_Angus_PuttyDo you struggle to find shoes to fit your feet?  Cosyfeet, the specialists in extra roomy footwear, can help. Wider and deeper than anything on the high street, their British designed footwear is expertly crafted to fit and flatter swollen feet, making them the go-to brand for people with hard-to-fit feet. 

Their ethos is simple. They believe that swollen feet should have the most comfortable, stylish footwear possible. That’s why they combine the latest trends with premium materials, expert shoemaking and advanced foot comfort technology. It’s also why they’re recommended by over 11,000 healthcare professionals.

The beauty of their footwear is in its simplicity. They offer a roomy, one width fitting which can be adjusted to fit a range of swelling, so you don’t have to worry about complicated foot measurements.  Lots of thought and care goes into their designs, including minimal seams, easy openings and removable footbeds so you can even wear your own orthotic. They also offer a range of stretchy, Elastane shoes and boots which won’t put pressure on painful swelling, bunions or problem toes. Thanks to innovations such as their ‘Hidden Depth’ design, Cosyfeet fits swollen feet with ease but still looks stylish and streamlined.

Cosyfeet is made by experienced craftsmen who mix traditional skills with state-of-the art technology. They use premium materials and time-honoured techniques to create products that are comfortable, durable and a pleasure to wear. 

Their leathers are hand finished, for an enhanced appearance, and are beautifully soft and supple while the linings in their shoes maximise breathability and help maintain a healthy environment. Their soles are lightweight, flexible and durable while their cushioned footbeds enhance your underfoot comfort. 

Cosyfeet are a forward-looking company, keen to adopt the latest technologies and trends. Recently, they’ve developed footwear with a shock-absorbing Cushion Active™ system which protects knee and ankle joints when you’re on the go. In tests by the University of Central Lancashire, it was shown to deliver between 23% and 25% less impact shock to the lower leg than other leading brand trainers.

They’ve also embraced the current trend for wool, along with the benefits it brings to swollen feet, with their range of Purewool™ shoes and slippers. And if you enjoy the great outdoors, we recommend a look at their range of CosyTex™ footwear which is windproof, breathable and 100% waterproof.

Cosyfeet offer VAT exemption if you have a chronic medical condition and a money-back guarantee if their footwear doesn’t work for you.

For more information visit cosyfeet.com or call Cosyfeet on 01458 447275.


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