Registered Nursing Home Association

Registered Nursing Home Association

Campaigning for high standards of care

Formed in 1968, the RNHA campaigns strongly for high standards in nursing home care. Our members are nursing home owners committed to delivering quality services to their patients.

Influence on Policy Makers

At a national level, we strive constantly to make Government and policy-makers aware of the key factors which will help or hinder nursing homes in meeting their patients' needs.

Information for Professionals and the Public

We are a source of valuable information about the nursing home sector - both for our own members and for the general public.

Through our active communications programme, we aim to foster an informed debate about the most effective ways of raising standards of nursing home care.

Education, Teaching and Research

Nursing homes care for highly dependent and, therefore, highly vulnerable people. Many of them have multiple nursing needs that require a high level of professional expertise and understanding. We are therefore committed to ensuring that all the staff working in our members' nursing homes enjoy opportunities for improving and updating their skills.

Access to Advice and Expertise

Nursing homes belonging to the RNHA are able to obtain advice and guidance on issues relevant to the smooth and effective running of their services. In this way, they benefit from the wealth of understanding which the combined membership of the association has accumulated from being involved in the operation of nursing homes across all parts of the United Kingdom. Our members also enjoy 24-hour access to legal and public relations expertise.