Dignity Is Top Of Our Agenda, Says Health And Social Care Organisation

Dignity-Is-Top-Of-Our-AgendCare UK has unveiled its privacy and dignity policy to mark national Dignity Action Day on 1st February – with a vow that people’s interests must always come first. The organisation is one of the country’s leading independent providers of health and social care and has pledged its full support to the National Dignity Council’s awareness day.

Susan Marshall, quality improvement and governance director at Care UK, said the extensive nature of the policy demonstrates the company’s commitment to placing dignity at the top of its agenda. She said: “This is an incredibly important subject as it goes right to the core of proper care, particularly when you are dealing with the more vulnerable members of society.

“Our policy is not a lip-service exercise. It has been produced after an extensive review of how we operate and public engagement to discover exactly what the people we care for expect. The policy is applicable to all colleagues and covers every interaction between our teams and other stakeholders.”

At the core of the policy is the understanding that all Care UK colleagues:

  • have a duty to ensure that privacy, dignity, ethnicity and diversity are always respected
  • have a duty to report any incident where they feel that privacy, dignity, ethnicity or diversity has not been respected
  • will attend induction training and that the core principles of this policy are implemented and embedded within their working environment
  • will demonstrate that respectful attitude and behaviour are promoted to prevent people experiencing offensive or negative attitude and behaviour

Susan added: “Treating all people with dignity is integral to the first-class care which we always aim to provide. We have also launched our Dignity at Work policy so that colleagues can expect similar respect and consideration from the organisation.

“Dignity Action Day is an excellent way of raising awareness of the subject and it has our full support.”

To celebrate Dignity Action Day, events have been organised at a number of Care UK services across the country.















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