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Digitising Your Care Records – Our Top Tips

The number of care providers in England with digital care records stands at 50%, a 10% increase since the Digitising Social Care programme was introduced in December 2021.

As part of the programme, if providers select a Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) supplier on NHS England and Digital Social Care’s Assured Supplier list, they can benefit from a range of financial support to help them digitise.

However, even with financial support choosing and implementing the right digital system for your care service can still be tricky and mistakes costly.

To help you, our experts in care technology who have digitised thousands of care services have drawn up some top tips and mistakes to avoid when you digitise your care records.

Involve people from different roles

A common mistake care providers make when selecting digital systems is not including the perspectives of care workers, registered managers, team leaders and so on. People in different roles will see the system differently. They will see benefits others don’t and more importantly flaws or gaps in the system that directors can easily miss.

If possible, create a working group with representatives from different roles across your company. Together draw up a simple checklist of your must haves, you can these use this to refer back to when looking at what the market has to offer.

Does it work with your existing/planned systems?

Integration in the world of software means two systems connecting and sharing data. Not every piece of software you use needs to be integrated, but there are some key systems or components that do.

In domiciliary and community services, integration between your DSCR and your rostering system is an absolute must. Without this care workers are left flipping between one mobile app for scheduling and another for care plans, visit notes and so on.

Information in one system may contradict another, meaning confusion for care workers and the risk of mistakes being made that could undermine service quality, safety or wellbeing of service users.

In residential care services, integration between your DSCR and medicine management system is critical. This creates a holistic view of each resident, helping staff to better understand the interaction between medicines and residents’ behaviour, mood, physical stability and so on.

Without this integration, medicine information on the DSCR and medicine management system could be contradictory. This means time is spent finding the correct information and more importantly the chances of something going wrong in a person’s care increases.

Select an NHS Assured Supplier

Selecting a supplier of Digital Social Care Records that has been assured by NHS England and Digital Social Care benefits you in two ways:

  1. The system has been evaluated for you by experts against a range of criteria, including that it will support you to:
    • Conduct inclusive care planning and assessment
    • Manage tasks efficiently in your care settings
    • Capture a wide range of information
    • Present that information in a way that is easy to understand and absorb
    • Provide evidence to the CQC
    • Securely share data with appropriate persons


  1. Your Clinical Commissioning Group or local authority can provide you with varying levels of financial support, such as funding the first 12 months of fees for your Digital Care Record System.

Identify your ‘Champions’

A champion should be someone, usually a care giver or team leader, who is really enthusiastic about digitisation in care. They will be your standard bearers in the care team. They will help articulate the benefits for service users and staff, cultivate enthusiasm, but also relay any teething issues with the system and help identify where extra support that might be needed.


Digitisation means some level of change to how we work. If everyone in your care service understands why you are making this change, how it will benefit them and how you will support them in making the transition, it is much more likely that you will have a smoother implementation.

Communication should be two way. It is much better for everyone to think of this as something you are doing together, rather than something that is being done to them, from the top down. Ensure people across your teams has a voice and is given the opportunity to use it.

About The Access Group

The Access Group is an NHS Assured Supplier of Digital Social Care Record Systems (DSCR), which are used in thousands of care locations across the UK. Recently Access Care Planning joined Access Care & Clinical on the NHS Assured Suppliers list, giving care providers a greater range of options to find the system that fits perfectly with their service and approach.

The Access Group offers a complete digital hub to manage and improve your care service, including medication management, scheduling, care compliance, eLearning, employee screening and more. Find out more about Access’ care plan software and their wider suite of care management software.